In Fukushima prefecture, the number of children developing thyroid cancer has been going up ever since Fukushima nuclear accident. A group of experts working for the Fukushima prefecture announced on May 18th that 127 children under 18 had developed it.

Before the nuclear accident, no children would normally develop thyroid cancer and only one case every few years was diagnosed.

The experts of the investigative commission on thyroid cancer stated that “This number is only due to cancer overdiagnosis. After the Chernobyl disaster, most of the numerous cases of cancers were diagnosed on infants, but in the present case infants are not developing any cancers. It is therefore unreasonable to think that it is the radiations’ influence”.

From January to the end of March this year, 16 new cases of thyroid cancers were diagnosed on children. With now 127 children affected, there is no doubt that the nuclear accident is the very cause of the problem.

Even though the experts of the investigative commission are spreading false information, they were still kind enough to declare that “the surgical fees and treatment fees for thyroid cancer should be covered by the government”.

There have been no investigations regarding the development of cancer on people above 19.