JOF Safety Check List 1. Cut Off the Source of Dioxins
Plastics containing chlorine release dioxins, a deadly poison, when incinerated.
Some plastics release EDCs when buried as waste. This poster shows how to distinguish plastics we can use and ones we must stop using. It is important to stop using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and vinylidene chloride resin (PVDC) to reduce the amount of dioxins.
JOF Safety Check List 2. Endocrine Disruptors Threaten Our Offspring
This poster includes basic information on endocrine disruptors and impacts on wildlife, domestic animals, and human. Since fetuses and babies are sensitive to EDCs, it is important for parents to keep children away from EDCs. For example, teething rings and baby toys are made of PVC which contain carcinogenic EDCs. Japan Offspring Fund also detected bisphenol A from polycarbonate baby milk bottles. Bisphenol A is known as an endocrine disruptor. Choose safe products for your children.
JOF Safety Check List 3. Decreasing Sperm Counts: What Can We do to Protect Our Offspring?
Sperm counts among young men are decreasing. One of the causes is EDCs. To avoid damages by EDCs, it is important to change our lifestyle towards one not to depending on synthetic chemicals. This poster shows what kinds of chemicals in your house may threaten your offsprings. Let’s take a second look at your housing environment.
JOF Safety Check List 4. Danger of Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
Many cosmetics contains dangerous chemicals which harm your body. This poster shows not only explains the danger of cosmetics but how to choose safer cosmetics and how to make home-made cosmetics.

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